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Hi! I’m Claudia Audley, I’m a qualified Level 2 Fitness Instructor, a Level 3 Personal Trainer and a L3 Certified Pre and Postnatal Trainer. I grew up in rural Hertfordshire and I’ve always lead an active lifestyle (mostly as a result of running round looking after the many pets I’ve had!).

If you’re anything like me and you fear going to big, intimidating gyms then fear no more! I offer the luxury of a private gym situated in the beautiful village of Furneux Pelham to those who live locally.
If you’re based further afield or simply don’t have time to travel then don’t worry, I now offer virtual training! Covid-19 opened my eyes to a whole new platform of fitness training, when the pandemic hit I was forced out of my comfort zone to train clients online – something I’d never done before but it’s proved to be a HIIT (pun intended 😀 ) and successful in educating people that you can workout wherever you are in the world and achieve a healthier and happier lifestyle through the use of little to no equipment and minimal space.

Building clients’ confidence through the power of exercise is incredibly satisfying, enabling people to enjoy exercise is so important to me, as I know that once you start to enjoy exercising rather than seeing it as a chore then your mindset will change and ultimately you will be able to sustain a healthy lifestyle. There’s no ‘quick fix’ but I promise you that if you put the effort in, you will reap the benefits.

Everyone has busy lives but it’s important to make time to look after yourself.